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Saturday, 15 June 2019

you need to know about antibiotics

you need to know about antibiotics

Antibiotics are the most prescribed drugs prescribed by doctors and kill bacteria that cause disease, but they are not a cure for all diseases.

The Secretary-General of the German Society of Internal Medicine Professor Ulrich Fulch that antibiotics are drugs that affect the life of bacteria, or in other words kill pathogens and prevent growth.

Folsch said antibiotics only help treat diseases caused by bacteria, such as tonsillitis, pneumonia, biliary inflammation, and meningitis, while they have no effect on the infection caused by viruses and therefore do not help in the treatment of influenza.

However, bacteria can easily attack the body and multiply due to body weakness caused by a viral infection. For example, viral infection in the lung eventually leads to bacterial pneumonia, so it may be necessary to use antibiotics sometimes Even in cases of viral infection.

More than 80 items

For its part, German pharmaceuticals Ursula Zellerberg pointed out that more than 80 different active substances are used as antibiotics, since not every antibiotic kills any type of bacteria.

Zilberberg explained that large-scale antibiotics work against many pathogens, while limited-range antibiotics kill a particular group of bacteria.

The doctor determines the quality of the antibiotic that the patient should use depending on the cause of the disease and the severity of the infection.

The patient should tell the doctor if he or she is taking regular medication because some antibiotics cause complications with certain medications.

Side effects

Zellerberg noted that the antibiotic may have side effects such as stomach pain, diarrhea, and nausea, as well as an allergic reaction to the skin, such as redness, itching or vaginal fungal infection in girls and women.

Zellerberg stressed the need to strictly adhere to the use of antibiotics prescribed by the doctor, explaining that the use of antibiotic three times a day means the use of every 8 hours.

If the antibiotic is to be used for five days, it should be used throughout this period, and it should not be stopped even with the feeling of improvement after only two days, because the bacteria may not be completely eliminated.

Folsch is advised not to eat milk or any of its products for two hours before taking the antibiotic and two hours after, to avoid problems with the digestive system, while water is the best drink for the use of antibiotics.

Zellerberg stressed the need to get rid of the remaining antibiotic and not store it for use later or even to transfer it to other patients

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