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Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Best ways to Protect your personal data on the iPhone

Best ways to Protect your personal data on the iPhone

Many companies seek to access personal user data in many ways. This is the most effective way to reach the largest number of consumers, but some steps on iPhones may protect the privacy and mitigate threats to security threats.

An iPhone phone and all of your personal data are a complete disclosure of your personal life. It includes everything about you from contacts, your day-to-day location, photos, personal messages, business data, and even your bank account.

Any application that collects data can access all of this data via your phone, so you have to secure your data all the time.

Here are 7 privacy settings for iPhone phones that help you secure and protect your data, according to a New York Times report:

Site settings

Make sure you do not activate the location property in the Settings section. The feature will reveal your location to all the applications you use, putting your data at risk.


Many applications require you to allow them to access your phone's own camera. You can select applications that use the camera from the Settings section, and close the property in front of applications where you do not want to use the camera.


Such as a camera, all applications must not be allowed access to the audio side of the phone, according to the site "Arab Technical News".

Tracking ads

The iPhone gives the user a feature to minimize ad traffic to you by enabling "Decrease ad tracking" in settings.

Direct images

New iPhone phones have a direct image feature, which captures the image as a fast video, starting seconds before clicking the button.

Closing this feature will prevent access to images in the form of a short video that may reveal unnecessary audio or video information about your personal life when you share it with friends.

Read messages despite locks

To protect your personal information from everyone around you, you must close the full message feature that appears on your phone screen even though the screen is locked.

voice mail

Many use voice mail to receive messages if they can not answer calls.

The newspaper advised the user to put a password before entering the mail, to prevent Hackers from accessing messages, which helps them to get your data.

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